Local Flowers and Childhood Memories

Walking off the third tee here in Concord, North Carolina last week I was suddenly — and unexpectedly – transported back to my childhood days in Pittsburgh.

In the early 70’s, our next door neighbors on Lloyd Street were the Halls. (I assume this is the same Hall family referenced in Annie Dillard’s  book, An American Childhood. )

The Halls’ yard was where you never wanted your baseball or football to land. The hedges were tall, and the entire yard was filled with bushes, shrubs, weeds, and lots of thorns. Odds of finding anything snatched up by the Halls’ yard were always slim.  

Most of the perimeter of the Halls’ yard was lined with the same flowering bushes pictured below.  

Seeing them at the golf course instantly took me back some 40 years. I remember picking off handfuls of the buds to toss at my friends or throw at telephone poles and other targets. I remember watching bees buzz around and inside the flowers. I remember noticing when a new bud – just a hint of color visible early in the day – would become a full blown flower by evening.  

Hadn’t thought about Lloyd Street or losing a baseball in the Halls’ overgrown yard in a while.  Glad to spend some time with those memories last week – thanks to some otherwise ordinary bushes next to the cart path.  

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