Two snakes and a spider…

Banded water snake, black snake, and a nasty spider…

Clark’s Creek Greenway, Charlotte, NC

9-14-19 (91419)


September 1 — A water snake and a black snake

The water snake is the same one we saw on Friday evening.  Same spot.  Enjoying the sun today at noon.  Just a minute or so after leaving the site of the water snake, I had to skid to a stop on my bike to avoid running over a black snake that had come quickly onto the greenway path from my left.

I stopped in time and the black snake made it to the other side of the path.  He stopped and waited for a bit, head up, and let me get a few photos.  Great looking snake!

Three Water Snakes (Friday evening)

3 water snakes (Friday evening on Clark’s Creek Greenway in Charlotte, NC). These water snakes are nonvenomous and will typically stick to themselves. They will be spooked pretty easily by human activity — so no reason to worry about them on an ordinary walk on the greenway.😉 (NOTE: I do not have any qualifications as a snake expert.)

Still there…


For at least a decade, I have been observing water snakes at a particular spot along the Clark’s Creek Greenway in Charlotte, NC.  Over the past couple months, I started to wonder if maybe the snakes had left the area.  Late last week, however, I saw this adult water snake in the old familiar spot!  The photo is blurry.  I only got one chance to take a photo before a dog came along and spooked the snake.  I returned about 20 minutes later to see that the snake was still mostly in hiding — but sticking its head out from the rocks.